August Gickey Box Review//

Gickey Box an engaging monthly subscription of crafts, activities, games, recipes, and fun for kids ages 3-8.
$39.99 a month – Use my links and get an exclusive offer, buy the 3 month subscription package ($119) and get two months free making it $23.80 a month! Coupon Code “HOTCITY”
AugustGickeyBox How cute is the personalized Cassius sticker, he was over the moon about this!!!!
photo (1) He is always VERY excited to get his “project boxes” and always wants to do EVERYTHING in the whole box right away!
photo (2) I love all of the bright primary colors. This months box theme was Rainbows.
photo (3) All the Colors of the Rainbow Book - I always love getting books and this is no exception!
Rainbow colors – C thought these were too cool. When you color you get all of the colors in one!
photo (4) Project 1: Rainbow Beaded Bracelet. I had Cash do this first because it was something he could do on his own while I got stuff ready for the next project. (Yes his nails are painted, I KNOW I KNOW, he threw a fit when I was painting mine and I caved) 
GickeyBox3 Project 2: Milk Rainbow. This was super easy but so much fun, C was convinced the colors flavored the milk (it was so cute he said red was his favorite strawberry milk).
GickeyBox2 Project 3: Rainbow Pudding Pops. THANKS GOD I HAD PUDDING! Cassius would have made me drive to the store there was no way we were not making these ASAP! I used the cups from the milk project and we did the same basic mixing but with pudding this time. They were still not frozen when we went to bed last night but let me tell you it was the first words out of his mouth when we woke up this morning. So Rainbow Pudding Pops for breakfast it is!!
GickeyBox Project 4: Magic Rainbow Noodles. Cash would not do what you are supposed to do with these, but hey there are no rules when you are doing this with your kiddos, we just played with them and smashed them and counted and separated them. May not have made a rainbow but they were still fun and i saved the ones he did not kill to play with again!
photo Project 5: Make Rainbow Wind Chimes. When Cash sees paint he is all over that! I did not let him do this one last night instead he took it to Grandmas house today for a fun activity. It included and clear plastic rainbow to paint and shells to hang from the rainbow to make great wind chimes sounds. everything needed to make this was included. I love the individual bags like this that you can take them on a trip, to grandmas house, etc. and have instant fun!

Well this box had a ton in it!!! We loved every single project and had a blast learning about Rainbows! Do you get Gickey box, if you don’t and want to use my links for an exclusive Hot City Cool Mom reader offer, buy a three month subscription and get TWO FREE MONTHS!!! Coupon Code “HOTCITY”




* I received this box at no charge for review purposes but the opinions are mine. I was not compensated for this post.

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